New Arrivals - Black Leather Diffuser Bracelet Necklace Combo Big Aroma Rock Titanium Steel Rose Gold


JOYSTONE launches an essential oil titanium steel rose gold necklace with an essential oil light brown leather bracelet combo to create a mid long necklace. This jewelry looks great and fun and allows you get creative with your jewelry selection. JOYSTONE express the creativity through diffuser necklace and bracelet are dating together, to fuse together into a variety of combinations. So, your jewelry is absolutely unique. The first arrival is combo of diffuser light brown leather bracelet with diffuser titanium steel rose gold necklace, to be launched are the black leather bracelet with necklace.

JOYSTONE diffuser aroma rock mid long necklace, a dating combo of necklace and light brown bracelet, the chain length approx. 45-65cm, based on the separation and combination of necklace and bracelet. Wear it three ways! Hook them together with clasp of necklace and bracelet to make a longer chain necklace. Build a unique necklace and bracelet combo for any occasion. Designers emphasized that it's so easy to create a personal statement with everyone's favorite pieces! Help you started in creating your eye-catching look. Simple and dainty.

The short necklace from the diffuser leather collection, with a total length approx. 45cm, chain width approx. 3mm, is made of titanium steel rose gold, and the pendant is a large aroma rock approx. 16mm. The specification of the bracelet, chain length approx. 16cm, natural round leather cord, width approx. 2mm, the size of aroma rock pendant approx. 8mm.

Currently have 5 colors available, including: white, blue, green, pink and purple.

We've collected recommendations from our designer, that adding Peppermint essential oil onto the blue beads, Tee Tree essential oil onto the green beads, Geranium or Rose essential oil onto the pink bead, Lavender essential oil onto the purple bead, Jasmine essential oil onto the white or beige bead and so on.

You can wear it as a clavicle necklace that help you show off your personal style and look your best on every occasion.

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