Except for customized and personal hygiene products, or other products unsuitable for resale, buyers may return an order and request for a refund, partially or in full, within 7 days counting from the day after the order arrives at the recipient's address. Buyers are responsible for all shipping fees including the shipping fees of returns.

In the following circumstances, sellers are responsible for the shipping fee of returns: There is a discrepancy between a received product and what was stated in the original order (including but not limited to product size, model, style, color, and quantity). A received product is defective (including but not limited to poor quality and products damaged in transit). A received product is not as described (including but not limited to product use and features). The recipient did not receive a product (including but not limited to unshipped items, or items lost in transit).

Except for these circumstances, customers are responsible for the shipping fee of returns. If seller's country has stricter consumer rights protection laws than the terms of this Returns Policy, the seller agrees to adopt the stricter laws when the buyer resides in the same country.



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