Notes on How to Wear A Bracelet: Experience sharing on Easily clasp a bracelet by yourself without damaging your charm bracelet


Do you have such a hard time with your bracelets. Today, I would like to share my experience with everyone: that is, how to attach a buckle to a bracelet? How does attach a buckle to a thin claspless magnetic bracelet? When you see a bracelet that you will give up, though you like it very much though, due to you have always been afraid of fastening with a buckle, and then you can't sleep. If you struggle yourself, let's work together to overcome the phobia on putting on a bracelet!

How to put the clasp smoothly on a bracelet? We have to deal with the lobster clasp or the circle clasp. The way is to use Paper Tape to get the job done!

The Way to Clasp A Bracelet by Yourself 

If you want to wear the bracelet on the left hand, please follow below steps


Put the chain on the left hand, left hand with your palm facing upwards, the entire left elbow joint and the wrist rest on the tummy.


Place the clasp on the wrist. Then use paper tape to keep it stable as possible, to cover the two thirds of the palm.


Bring the clasp to where it needs to be with your free hand and slide off the paper tape. Then you will easily relax. The lobster buckled.

Every time I think that I'm about to close the clasp, the bracelet slips off. I always thinking about how can I clasp the bracelet without a third hand? I know how it is: If I don't have someone there to help, I'm stuck struggling. This article helps you resolve problems! This makes it super easy to bring the clasp to where it needs to be, and do it up with just one hand. Super easy, right? See, when you're in a rush to get out the door, it's always a hassle to put on a clasp bracelet. Voila! You can now easily clasp a bracelet by yourself.



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