News Report - Commercial Times: Wearing a Le Petit Mino bag with full of wonderful memories


Brand vision - playful fun, design and lifestyle...   

Posted in News By Journalist Fu-Yu Liu for the Commercial Times, Taipei

Having worked in media and another 10 years at the Information Service Industry Association, Marilyn Hsieh stated that the most unique aspect of the Mino bag is that it can be made from a diverse range of materials and extremely colorful. Materials featured are washable canvas and faux suede in nearly 10 colors. Customers can choose the material and color of their choice. Each bag is handmade and limited edition. Much time and effort is put into their production.

Authorizing images were made into pattern of handmade Mino bags, which are launched at the 2013 Taipei International Book Exhibition at the beginning of this year. The avid readers of Xinyu Sun (Joyce Sun) got to grab the handmade bags. First of nearly 50 bags had been snapped up.

Now launching "Le Petit Mino", a brand that will concentrate on "playful fun" beauty and accessories market. The brand offers various products and is popular among consumers.

Under the brand vision - playful fun, design and lifestyle, Marilyn Hsieh said, looking into the future, she hopes to cross-connect industries and markets to facilitate brand growth and continue to tell the brand's unique story.

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