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How to make scent and jewelry a perfect match?

Among the various precious stones, there is one genre of gemstone, which neither has splendid glory nor smooth and delicate surface. Therefore, it is generally not called a gemstone, and it may be more appropriate to describe it as an "ore". This is the volcanic stone to be introduced today. It has a rough surface of ore. How does this look make a perfect combination with craft jewelry? Such an unique yet basic piece, Dangle Hook Piercing Diffuser Aroma Rock beaded Earrings that will go with all women's outfits. 

JOYSTONE's designers chose the volcano stone as source material to create a collection of craft jewelry. Very light weighted. This collection of jewelry uses the earthy texture of volcanic stone to present the fashionable hipster style. The colors of nude and pink are used to make the natural and earthy look, showing a low-key luxury. Timeless and trendy, help show off women's personal style. Add a fashionable touch to women's wardrobe. Jewelry that make scents aid a woman in embodying personal style and presence.

JOYSTONE Designers emphasized that why this collection of jewelry used volcanic stones, the most important reason is that the scent-absorbing characteristics of the volcanic stone, which is convenient for consumers who use the perfume or the essential oil. After the oil dripped onto the volcanic stone, allow you to diffuse essential oils wherever you go! Therefore, this collection of jewelry is based on the concept of diffuser gemstones, making scent and jewelry a perfect match. A great playful addition to women's casual daytime wear, full of personality and sweetness. 

The colors of beaded pendants have been introduced in 10 colors, including three blue color type, green, yellow, pink, purple, brown, white and beige. The first listings are piercing earrings. The craft jewelry designers can also customize clip-on earrings for women without piercing ears.

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