How to Wear A Bracelet - Part I. JOYSTONE's Guide


When you saw international stars are wearing bracelets, do you also want to wear a bracelet to match clothes? How to wear bracelets? Here's our guide. Some people will care about the number of bracelets, due to a belief, a ritual, or a superstition -- or is it just taboo, when they are wearing bracelets. In fact, from an aesthetic point of view, it's important to note is how to wear bracelets.

Do you know that wear it too loose can give people a feeling of looseness and inconvenience and insecurity?

Occasionally, stars are wearing it loosely to create a more casual atmosphere, or due to some kind of insistence, wearing bracelet which are required a certain number of beads for bracelets. Or, it may be convenient for some people to make the necklace directly into a bracelet. In fact, they make you look awkward.

The beauty of work wear styling of wearing bracelets is custom made. Pro tip: wear it loose is a great way to liven up casual days but they should be avoided with corporate or other formal clothing, especially for office workers and commuters in the market place or on the MRT. It is wise to keep in mind that the proper size of a bracelet is really important.

The proper size of the wrist can make any outfit look a little more polished, stylish. How much space should be left between the bracelet and the wrist? Please see Part II About How to Measure Your Wrist? In addition, on a crowded MRT or bus, be aware of loose bracelet that could get caught by other people's clothing or accessories.



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