Notes on Accessories Maintenance: Experience sharing on How to Reshape a Leather String Bracelet?


When choosing a bracelet by material, I will choose the leather bracelet. Basically, I should be called a leather-holic for bracelet. Whether it is a wide or a thin version, as long as it is a leather bracelet, I was not able to resist it. It seems like the feeling that there is no way for me to resist this ice cream treat on a hot summer day. Ha! I'm not sure if you are same as me, an enthusiast simply love leather bracelet or jewelry.

If you are a lover for the leather bracelet, you may face with following problem, e.g. deformation, deformation, deformation. How can a leather bracelet be deformed? From my experience, usually when wearing a very thin leather bracelet, became deformed is most likely as a result of improper storage. After deformed, when wearing it, the wrinkles will not only make the bracelet look weird, but will also make your wrist look large, which will not get you noticed the beautiful looking material of the leather.

In order to rescue the cortical bracelet that had been crushed, I found a very effective method of reshaping, that is, reshaping and heating

Take a cylindrical aluminum beverage can for reshaping, is my usual practice, its surface should be flat, no dents, as long as the circumference size is small enough to fit the bracelet.

Put the leather bracelet on it.

Don't move it for a week, then it can be easily reshaped.

If the reshape is not yet done, and you are in a rush to wear it and go out, here is a guide I used to solve the urgent: by heating. Just use your hair dryer to quickly blow it back and forth between the position of creases to get them out.



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