Sharing Experiences about Diffuser Earrings with Aroma Rock Lava Beads


Have you ever heard healing power of jewelry? In my previous blog has been blogging JOySTONE's diffuser earrings with lava stone. Why not come today to check out the benefits of the diffuser hook piercing earrings with aroma rock of all time?

First of all, as the Master Gardener of the blog, I chose a pink pendant for specific odor and flavor. This aroma rock pendant, with a golden chain, length about 5.5cm, features long pendant, is now the most popular hot tassel dangling style, which provide me the most charming look. Because the breath of spring in the past few days has been very heavy, even to a bit hot, so I chose pink one. To match the floral flavor of essential oil, I chose the geranium essential oil to be added to the pink pendant. The stylish pieces are comfortable to wear for day to day, for work place elegance.

I used the oil dropper that the designer attached to the package, only a drop of geranium essential oil, so that the essential oil slowly covered on the volcanic stone, and then I wore the earrings in my ears. The rhythm of the earrings, really brought the scent of the scent out. It's really amazing that the healing index is over 100%.

The Master Gardener's experience is, that because the size of aroma stone pendant is about 0.5cm, where is close to the nose, so apply a few drops of my favorite essential oil to the lava rock stone. Wipe any access oil off the pendant and enjoy the benefits of my chosen essential oil. Even the essential oil can be just a drop, and it will not be wasted. And the flavor can be changed every day, really is too suitable for me, a lover of essential oils, with different flavor for daily experiences. 

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