Make it Happen! DIY Easy Aroma Rock Bracelet Making, No Craft Tools!


DIY Packing Material 7-8mm Aroma Rock Beaded Diffuser Bracelet Gold plated Magnetic Buckle Tutorial Video. Option of Aroma Rock Colors - Powder Purple plus Pink, Cadet Blue plus Powder Blue, Cadet Green plus Yellow.

9 steps to make a aroma bracelet

Step1:Plan a beading color combination 

Step2: Fold a twine in half, take it through a buckle loop and slide the buckle in the middle of twine 

Step3: Start beading according to your plan of color combination

Step4: Finish beading, take a twine through another buckle loop, then make two ties

Step5: when making tie, make sure that proper wrist sizing and leave just enough length, not pull the beads too close together

Step6: Pull the twine back through the 2 beads

Step7: Make 2-3 ties, trim down the the remaining twine

Step8: Glue the ends to secure

Step9: Finish neatly



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